Why Use A Realtor?

Are Realtors really worth the commission? What do they do, anyway? Let’s look at some of the big ways using a Realtor can benefit you.

Reason 1: Team of Professionals Already in Place

When you use a qualified Realtor, they come with a proven team that already knows how to work together to achieve your goals. This includes professionals such as lenders, inspectors, a qualified transaction coordinator, photographers, home stagers, contractors, and more. This team of professionals is standing by to help you and your Realtor navigate your real estate transaction smoothly, get you the best possible price, and avoid unwanted surprises.

Reason 2: Negotiation and Problem Solving

If buyers and sellers always agreed on everything, and there were never any problems, then real estate would be an easy do-it-yourself project. In reality, this is almost never the case. By working with a qualified Realtor, you gain a powerful ally who knows the ins-and-outs of real estate contracts and is practiced in negotiating for your best interests. A Realtor will put your interests above all others, not only because they want your positive word of mouth to gain referral business, but also because as your fiduciary, they are bound by law to act in your best interest.

Reason 3: We’re in the network, 24/7

When you list your home with a qualified Realtor, you employ their vast local network. In 2016, 34% percent of home buyers found their home through their Realtor, according to the National Association of Realtors. Real estate still is very much a word of mouth industry. Realtors talk to each other, and by using a Realtor to sell your property, you tap into their network of other Realtors who will bring qualified buyers to your property. When you’re searching for a home, especially in the Santa Cruz area, it’s often difficult to find something that fits your needs just right. When you have a Realtor on the hunt for you, you have a pair of eyes on the market 24/7. We’re in constant communication with other agents and often hear about homes before they even hit the market. Don’t miss out on your dream home because it sold before Zillow even knew it was for sale.

Reason 4: Litigation and Red Tape

California is one of the most litigious states in the nation. There is a mountain of paperwork and disclosures that go along with any real estate transaction. Which forms are needed for your particular transaction varies depending on the ever changing demands from the layers of overlapping governing bodies, which include federal, state, county, city, and special districts. In addition to forms that must be properly completed and signed to conform with the myriad of governmental agencies, there are also forms that are not legally required but are wise to use nonetheless. Trying to navigate a real estate transaction solo is simply not worth the risk of omitting an important document, or filling one out incorrectly. Such an easy to make mistake could needlessly jeopardize your biggest asset. Realtors are familiar with the legal requirements you face in a real estate transaction. By using a qualified Realtor, you are trusting a professional who has gone through the paperwork successfully many times. Realtors are educators, while poorly informed sellers are more likely to be plaintiffs. Using a qualified Realtor will save you time, reduce your stress, and decrease your exposure to risk.

Reason 5: Convenience

From both a buyer’s and seller’s perspective, coordinating the logistics of a real estate transaction requires a great deal of work and organization. There are many deadlines to meet, third parties to manage, and appointments to schedule. For people with their own full-time job and family life, plus the added worry over moving all their possessions into or out of a new house, this extra workload can be overwhelming. Hiring a Realtor is like hiring a professional project manager to facilitate the transaction from beginning to end, and beyond.


There are too many reasons to use a Realtor to fit them all in this blog post. Contact us to learn more about the benefits we can offer you.

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