Is Your Money Building Someone Else’s Wealth?

When you rent a home, you are working to build your landlord’s wealth instead of your own. Unlike rent payments, mortgage payments put money directly into your pocket as equity. The benefits of owning a home are endless, and on the top of the list is gaining equity for your future. Not sure if you qualify for a mortgage? The only way to find out is to talk to a lender, and you may need to talk to more than one. Contact us to be put in touch with a qualified lender.

Let’s Debunk Some Common Homebuying Myths:

Myth: I need excellent credit to qualify for a mortgage.

Fact: You may qualify for certain loans even with subpar credit. Ask your lender about the options available to you.

Myth: I need a lot of cash for a down payment.

Fact: There are mortgage options available that require little or no cash down. Ask your lender if you qualify.

Myth: Mortgage options are the same everywhere.

Fact: Loan products can vary significantly, so you should talk to a few different lenders to find the right loan for you.

Myth: I shouldn’t talk to a lender or real estate agent until I’m ready to buy.

Fact: No matter your situation, we want to help you find the shortest path to homeownership now.

If you’ve ever wondered about homeownership, I am happy to discuss your possibilities with you. Feel free to call or text me at 831-515-8228. -Roy

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